I shot this video of local activist Kwame Rose confronting Geraldo Rivera during protests surrounding the arrest of Freddie Gray. Rose spoke words to the essential frustration many Baltimore residents were feeling at the time. The video spread very quickly over the next few days, landing on most major media outlets. I even was asked to join a phone call in Israel.


Analog Life

Analog Life was a video project I started at Advance Digital as part of a new YouTube channel we created called What's Going On. My plan for the project was to track trends, dip into people's nostalgic interests, all while creating high quality work. In its first week, the venture garnered more than 100 subscribers and all of the videos now have more than 15,000 views.


Film Photography

I'm 27 years old. It was my first time buying a camera [Lomography's Konstruktor], assembling one [same], shooting film [35mm] and developing said film [in a darkroom]. It was all in the service of finding out 'why in the heck do people shoot on film?'



I love vinyl. I've been collecting records since 2003. There has been a sales "revival" steadily rising for more than a decade now, and there's a trending piece every month discussing that fact. So I wanted to ask the simple question: Why are people still buying these things?



In converting my old VHS home movies to digital files I found all kinds of memories. It got me thinking about old horror movies on VHS and all the unsold and barely seen straight to video releases that were spawned in the 80s and 90s.

Underground Brooklyn

It was over a coffee mug of some mixed alcoholic concoction that Aaron Edwards, in his smoky baritone, told me about the 15 AIDS memorial services he went to in the 80s, and the abusive father who once shot a window out in his house during a dispute they were having over shoes. In this video he also discusses his first experiences in New York, and the many people he met while in the Brooklyn underground nightlife scene.

Alex Kay smiled down over a party he created, but only for a moment. Lights flash, aerial performers were framed by halo suspensions, fire erupted from a firebreather’s mouth, and safari-suited revelers littered his field of view. Sartorially speaking he wore a top hat, vest, a soft fabric shirt, pants, and a pair of smart looking casual-dress shoes. Alex Kay, young and ambitious gave me a peak behind the Brooklyn warehouse party curtain.


Living with ALS

Michael Murray is locked into a body he can't control. Now he and his family are focusing on making memories.

After ALS

Wendy Collins found out she was pregnant two weeks after her husband was diagnosed with ALS.

Flint Water Crisis

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been going on for years now. A national disaster was declared. So we looked back at what caused the problem, what had been done to fix it, and what was expected next.

Video produced with Andrew Maclean